Tips for Hugging a Girl

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To a girl, a hug can be a nice way of showing affection or sexual harassment. It depends on how it is done. Therefore, every man should know how to hug a girl to make the right impression. To ensure that your romantic gesture is not mistaken for a creepy move, follow these tips for hugging a girl:

Make a Girl Hug You Instead of Hugging Her

Las Vegas pornstars prefer hugging men rather than men hugging them. Generally, men don’t mind surprise hugs from women. However, women are more conscious about their personal space. They are also wary of physical, intimate contact.

Know Your Relationship with the Girl You Are Hugging

Are you close to the girl that you want to hug? Do you have a romantic involvement with her? Basically, whether you are relatives, romantically involved, or had a romantic involvement in the past should determine how you hug a girl.

Consider Her Signs

If a girl wants you to hug her, she will show it with natural signs. For instance, an open, relaxed posture invites you to hug a girl. When a girl comes close to you when you meet, she is giving you good signs that she is ready for your hug. Nevertheless, if she seems closed and maintains a distance, she is telling you to keep off and be satisfied with a handshake.


Is it appropriate to hug a girl at the current moment? Hugging creates intimate contact. It is a sign of friendliness, affection, support, and intimacy. Determine whether the situation allows for this before you give the smart lady of your dream a hug. If the current situation doesn’t allow it, hold it off for a later moment.


There must be consent before you hug a girl. As a man, you contribute 60% of the hug. For instance, you must keep your body relaxed and take a stance showing the lady that you want to hug her. Open your arms to show an invitation. The girl contributes 40% only by accepting your hug and moving closer to you. If you hug a girl without her consent, she can slap you or create a scene as she uncomfortably struggles to move away.

Play Safe

Play it safe if you are unsure whether a girl wants your hug. For instance, say goodbye while leaning your shoulders towards the girl while moving towards her. Bring your hand from your waist’s side like you want to give her a wide handshake. The move will appear casual. However, it’s a smart and cheeky thing you can do since the girl won’t be sure whether you need a hug or a handshake.

Mind the Position of Your Hands

This depends on your relationship with mature escorts that you hug. Nevertheless, keeping their hands on neutral places on their girl’s body is wise. A gentle rub or comforting pat can be appropriate on the shoulder. However, placing hands beyond the lower back borders can earn you a slap.

There are other things that you should also observe when hugging a girl. For instance, mind your hygiene and the duration of the hug. Nevertheless, it’s always essential to make the girl want to hug you rather than just hugging her.

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