Packing Healthy Lunches For Children

Many people have no idea that packing healthy lunches for children is much easier than you think. It can be done without sacrificing the quality of your child’s meals. There are a few simple rules of thumb to follow that will ensure your kids get the right kind of nutrition when they are hungry. The best way to start is by recognizing some of their favorite foods and creating appropriate lunches around these foods.

* Whole grain – Any good diet plan starts with whole grain foods. If you want your kids to eat right, choose food with whole-grain ingredients. This helps parents pack lunches that are nutritious and yet delicious. Some good examples include brown rice, whole wheat pasta, yogurt, oatmeal, and oat bran muffins.

* Low fat or low sugar – One of the easiest and most popular ways to incorporate healthy lunches into a lunchbox is to make your own fruit and vegetable salad mix. This can be made by simply combining chopped veggies, cucumbers, apples, carrots, and/or celery in a blender. You can dress the salad with hummus, garlic powder, and/or salt. Try using applesauce as a vegetable dressing for a delicious meal incorporating fruits.

* No fat – One of the most significant drawbacks to traditional school lunches is the presence of high-calorie items. However, you can avoid this problem by choosing lunch boxes made entirely from all-natural, wholesome ingredients. These lunches are much healthier for children because they contain lean meats, whole grains, and organic dairy products. Adding lean protein such as chicken or fish to the lunchbox helps children feel more comfortable eating these foods.

* Easy cleanup – Another one of the challenges parents face when it comes to packing lunches for children is the clean up. When children eat their lunches at home, there’s much less opportunity for cleaning up! One way to help ease the cleaning process is to pack their containers separately. If you’re using ice packs, you should also use a colander to separate leftover food from ice packs. Always rinse everything thoroughly before packing into the containers.

It’s easy to understand why many families are switching to easy-to-pack lunches for kids. Making lunches at home saves time and can be very rewarding when preparing healthy meals for your child. Take some time to learn more about easy lunches for children, and consider packing lunches that are delicious and easy to prepare. You’ll find that having healthy and nutritious meals in your child’s lunch box will make them happier and healthier overall!

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